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Default Re: Standing With Israel and Condemning Hamas

Originally Posted by JoeP View Post
I don't get this "Israel won't accept it" argument against the two state solution. It seems, among other things, a logical error - assuming the solution, excluding the middle, etc. Also, defeatist. Also, it seems very much one side pushing an agenda with misinformation.
The argument isn't that Israel wouldn't accept it, but that every government administration they have had for 50 years has actively fought against it--by continuing to build illegal settlements in the occupied territories--while claiming to be open to accepting it. I don't think that's fallacious, but arguably defeatist. The alternative being promoted is a one-state solution though, which some say is way more fantastical than the two-state solution. So I don't know if defeatist is the right word. What misinformation are you referring to?
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JoeP (12-04-2023)

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