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Old 10-14-2021, 07:18 PM
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Default Re: Fucking education! How does it work?

If it had gotten better after the cutoff point, the original guy probably wouldn't have posted it at all.
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Default Re: Fucking education! How does it work?

I found the youtube the original video came from, the comments are full of people screaming “omg why!” and “Darwin award winner incoming” while the guy who made it nonchalantly replies that it’s no big deal, and that it’s only around 400 lbs required to compress the spring 1.5inches, so not to worry (he should worry).

My favorite comment, “If you’re right handed, use your left hand!”
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Default Re: Fucking education! How does it work?

A professor hid a cash prize on campus and all students had to do was read the syllabus | WKRC
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