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More on Fable 2

Posted 11-06-2008 at 04:37 AM by Kael

So, I do have a few more things to complain about now... If you get married, your spouse is a pain in the fucking ass... Ok, maybe that's just for a bit of realism, but seriously. If you don't continually upgrade your house with nicer furniture, or move them to an altogether nicer house, they complain continually about how crappy it is, and will divorce you. Doesn't matter how high you start up the scale (except perhaps at the top), they still complain. I married this poor girl from Westcliff and moved her into this nice middle-class home in Bowerstone. She did nothing but complain from day 1. I was on my way back from an adventure, with presents and gold to go buy new furniture, to find out she up and left, taking my son with her! I haven't seen either one since... There's a slice of life tale for you.

Also, I think only the children you have before you get

stay around. I had the one grown up daughter with one spouse, she got pregnant again, and we had a little son in his crib, then I came back after a week and he was gone. Not a word about him from her. Don't know if that's a programming error or if they're trying to simulate infantile death rates, but...

One last bit about families. I made said daughter catatonic... She said when I got back from above spoiler that she wanted me to take her somewhere. I thought, sure, why not, and told her to follow me. Then I ran over to the carriage driver and picked a destination. She was not there when I arrived, so I went back. She is now standing in front of our house, facing the wall, and will not respond to anything. Not gifts, not emotes, not the follow command, nothing. The symbols will float above her head when I do something she's supposed to like, but when I have her selected the attitude meters don't change. So, yeah, broken daughter. Quite sad. I've had a tragic family life so far.

I really like their real estate changes, though. You can buy everything. The only thing I've found that you can't buy is Castle Fairfax. I am trying to own the world now, a far-reaching yet wonderfully attainable goal in this game.
I also like that you can redecorate, at least a little. You can't move furniture about, but you can swap them out for nicer (or worse) ones.

The gargoyles were very frustrating at first, hearing them all the time and not seeing them. Once you learn what to look for, though, most of them become quite easy to find. I'm up to 15 so far.

Spells are still frustrating, but I'm learning to cope.
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    Crumb's Avatar
    :eep: This totally freaked me out until I realized you were talking about a game.
    Posted 11-17-2008 at 11:41 PM by Crumb Crumb is offline
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    Kael's Avatar
    LOL, yeah, I probably could have been more clear... I'm surprised anyone actually reads these, though.
    Posted 01-02-2009 at 05:13 AM by Kael Kael is offline

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